SQL Financial Accounting is designed to deliver business-critical functionality to large deployment of network environment. At the core of it lies a robust Client-Server architecture allows significant advantages in flexibility, reliability, performance and stability. Self-tuning features include cost-based query optimization and dynamic re-balancing of report structures enhances performance and provides a wide range of business reports. More important, SQL Financial Accounting is an Open Period solution that enables you to collect more data over a wider time frame for better decision-base analysis.

Selling Points

  • Performance – Software Architecture designed for network environment, serving even up to 100 users in one network, with system speed maintain.
  • Stability – In event of power, network or hardware failure, incomplete transactions are automatically ‘rolled back’.
  • Data Integrity – Data never loss between linked modules when performing data posting action. Data integrity is always guaranteed.
  • Speed of Data Access – The server utility only sends what is needed to the workstations (eg. Specific customer and date), whereas a file based (basic database) will send ALL invoices.

Built in features :

  • Open Period, auto calculation of b/f figures to provide yearly comparative reports. (No year end)
  • Budget, multi time intervals (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly)
  • Export to external file format : Text file, MS Word, MS Excel, Lotus, Quattro pro, PDF, JPEG, HTML, XHTML & etc.)
  • Unlimited level of Sub Account
  • Simple drill down to source document.
  • Copy & paste on document level and detail records.
  • External file tracking (fax, email, letter & etc).
  • Unlimited customer shipping / branch address.
  • Post dated cheque report.
  • SQL Power Search. (search anything anywhere)
  • Built in Report Builder ( customise printing format ie. Invoice & etc ).

Free Trial

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System Requirement:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Win7, Win8.
  • Processor: Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Internet / broadband connection for remote desktop
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Add on Modules

AccountingSales and PurchaseStockManagement
  • Basic Currency – Keep track of Foreign Currency Customer and Supplier Account (Exchange gain/loss auto calculate & posting).
  • Advance Currency – Maintain Foreign Currency Bank Account. & Foreign bank adjustment for adjustment on the carrying local value. Able to perform difference currency knock off (ie S$50 to knock of USD 20) with auto calculation on exchange gain/loss.
  • Project / Departmental – To handle Project or Departmental accounting.
  • Recurring – Recurring profiles setting for transactions to be repeated at any time intervals (weekly, monthly, yearly & etc) with auto reminder.
  • Advance Credit Control – Capable of Controlling not only credit limit but also Overdue Account, and user definable documents to lock with supervisor password option.
  • Special Aging Format – ie 0-14, 15-21 days format in addition of 0-30, 30-60 format.
  • Document Date, Posting Date – A supplier bill dated 25th Dec 2003 is received on 4th Jan 2004, but you want to charge it into 2004 account (year 2003 a/c is closed) and aging report follow back the original document date.
  • Multiple Document Number Set – Unlimited Sets of Running Number (ie invoice no. for local, export, inter-company sales etc.)
  • Odd Financial Date – Abnormal Accounting Start & End Date ( ie 25th Jan till 24th Jan of the following year )
  • Deposit – To keep track of Deposit Received before goods delivered. Invoice will show net payable amount.
  • Multiple Pricing – Unlimited level of selling price. you can set different pricing and discount rate base on Quantity, UOM (carton, box etc) and Customer.
  • Picking List – Stock Picking for Delivery with item quantity grouping by any parameter. (ie area, agent etc)
  • Advance Price History – It will generate the listing of Price History (ie agent, area, customer & etc), analyze the Pricing Trend base on any time interval (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and etc) in both tabular (high, low, average) & graphical format. It is a “must have” tools for a Sales Manager.
  • Sales, Purchase Price Assistant – It is a very helpful features when working on any sales/purchase document with setting on the number of last records to be shown and from which document types.
  • Stock Status Assistant – Stock Status with Back Order Summary & Detail information.
  • Profit Estimator – Detail of current on hand stock cost, enable your
  • Maintain Font Style – Feel free to assign the font Color, font Type, bold, underline to give your business documents a new look.
  • Item Template – Setup the Product Package Combinations for easy billing and referring.
  • Landing Cost – Cost apportionment on Indirect Cost to charge into the Item Costing.
  • Partial Delivery– Multiple Delivery Tracking with Comprehensive Back Order Reports.
  • User Defined Script– User defined fields with ability to support VB & Pascal script for calculations.
  • Invoice –> DO – Especially for business to issue Invoice (for payment collection) before delivery (DO). It also provides Back Order
  • Reports, status of quantity pending for delivery.
  • Multi Location (Warehouse) – Multiple Location, Warehouse, Consignment & etc.
  • Stock Matrix – Item matrix combinations (ie, shirt with variety of color & sizes).
  • Stock Category – Unlimited Level of Category Settings on stocks, and capable with any category combination in stock reports.
  • BOM – Capable of doing Item Assembly, Raw Material Planning & Wastage analysis
  • Secondary UOM – For Industries with Double Unit of Measurement. (ie jewelry shops)
  • Cash Flow Forecast – It is particularly useful on Helping Top Management to Forecast on the Cash Flow requirement base on any time interval (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly) in both tabular & graphical format.
  • Advance Drill Down – It is the Information Highway within the system linking all the reports tracing down to the source document
  • level with simple mouse click.


Kindly download this software to allow us remote control your desktop or laptop.
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Kindly download this software to allow us remote control your desktop or laptop.
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