SQL Account GST update history

Last updated: 03/07/2017
Current version: 5.2017.810.745
Size: 52.1 MB
Username & Password: ADMIN

New in this version
Database upgrade to version 148
Bug #4303: All Document Entries Default Tax Code should show blank since De-register GST Date
Bug #4285: AR/AP Credit Note should not allow to set Post Date & Tax Date if Document created from Sales / Purchase CN
Bug #4298: Sales Invoice Edit Permit No prompt error when the document haven’t processed GST
Feature #4017: TX-NC transactions should list in GST Listing and GAF Feature #4237: TX-NC follows expense code if GL code is blank
Fixed GST Detail 1 preview error when using GL Bank Adjustment
Fix open GST return window slow due to there are more than 100000 records of journal entry
Bug #4300: Prompt Access violation on Generate GAF (DateFrom & DateTo < SystemConversionDate)
Adjust UI alignment for all AR/AP document entry screens
Add currency symbol to AR/AP CN and Contra Doc Amount and Unapplied Amount label in addition to commit bd4308f892e7a86b625fe3afa3bfc6645ac46751 (Under Feature #4179)
Remove NextDocNo popup bottom edge line from all document entry
Fix bug #4296: Sales credit note detail with initial purchase cost not reported correctly in GST-03 report item 5a
Fix one cent different on tax amount when calculate AR bad debt recover and AP bad debt relief
Fix bug #4297: Unable to knockoff invoice with past credit note contains GST taxable
Fix bug #4295: Customer GST number is blank after apply GST bad debt relief report
Feature #4291: Select first item of supplier bank account based on selected supplier code
Bug #3631: GL Journal Browse Grid display the local DR (Tax) as blank After Save Journal Entry
Bug #4290: Bottom controls in Qty popup windows are missing
Convert GL BS – 2C2P to Fast Report
Bug #4289: After Year End will had _AP_ inserted in GL_Trans & GL_Budget (should exclude this)
Bug #4288: Year End Fail if There is a Transaction in APPROPRIATION Account
Fix bug #4287: Incorrect unit cost of gift item if change item UOM
Bug #4286: Year End Prompt Error When There are Bank or Cash Accounts under Other Assets (OA)
Add GainLoss and GainLossPostDate column in KnockOff grid for remaining AR & AP documents with gain/loss in addition to commit b0163c9d604d1f953039facc27441b7f6caf8924 (under Feature #4269)
Fix bug #4279: Show double entry is not balance for past document
Fit mdi child form to Main Form work area when maximize
Feature #4284: Standardize all sales & purchase entry screen title to full word and same font size
Bug #4283: NextDocNo in all sales & purchase document entry screen not aligned with the label