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Business Infrastructure Platform (BIP)

Price (account basis) – RM688 /year
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What is BIP?
Business Infrastructure Platform(BIP) is an online business learning platform created by ANC Group. Who is ANC Group? Let me give you a familiar name: Song Liew. The courses in BIP are online which means you can access it any time and bring it everywhere you go.

What can you learn in BIP?
-Compliance deployment including:
Employment obligation,
Income tax,
Withholding tax,
Transfer pricing, etc.

-Business management for entrepreneurs
Financial performable and
Help entrepreneurs expand their organization.

Every video is comprehensive, short and easy to understand. You can choose courses, choose the skill title that you want to enhance and start learning.

Worry about your employees resigning? worry no more. as you can retain them with BIP. You team will grow their skills sets on enter new level, without even leaving this office.

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