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SQL Account

SQL accounting software is suitable for all types of enterprises, from small to large. Finding a business solution that works for you is important. We cater to every industry. Choose the best match for your organization from small business accounting software to cloud accounting software to on-premise accounting software

WhatsApp Integration with All Documents

Increase your efficiency by sending business documents using WhatsApp! SQL Account is the first accounting software to provide a WhatsApp feature, allowing you to send quotations, invoices, statements of account, and other documents to your clients via WhatsApp with just a few clicks.

CTOS Malaysia is our exclusive partner.

SQL Accounting is the only accounting software that is connected with CTOS Malaysia services. CTOS's comprehensive credit reports are available to over 250,000 SQL users.SQL users can view a few years' worth of financial performance, blacklist history, and trade history using CTOS complete credit reports via SQL Accounting software.

This vital information will assist businesses in making the most well-informed decision possible before entering into any commercial agreements. Protect your business with CTOS.

Advanced protection

When it comes to data privacy, SQL Accounting offers the best options. On SQL Accounting, you can have double-layer access control over what they can do. For example, you may want to "hide" transactions with sensitive phrases, such as "Director fees" or "bonus," from users who have been allowed access rights in cash book entry to record expenses transactions.

You can protect data confidentiality by assigning advance security transaction exclusions to your users, which is only found in SQL accounting.

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