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SQL Payroll

SQL Payroll software is built from the ground up around Payroll Process. With only a few mouse clicks, you can process and print payslips for one to hundreds of employees. Furthermore, you may essentially keep an unlimited payment history while keeping your data safe and secure due to excellent security and data protection.


Monthly payroll process

  • Quick and Easy monthly payroll processing
    Enjoy speedy payroll processing and view each earning breakdown with an intuitive screen display.
  • Flexible amendment
    Edit payroll processes anytime anywhere with SQL Payroll software. Experience accurate, real-time recalculations of statutory contributions.
  • Compliant to all local legislation
    SQL Payroll is compliant to all Malaysian statutory bodies like KWSP, LHDN and SOCSO. Our system saves you the trouble by auto calculating EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF and PCB contribution. To ensure flawless calculations, our PCB calculator comes with the latest contributions rates.
  • Batch email payslip individually with password encryption
    Send individual payslips by batch with the batch email feature. Every e-mail sent comes with a password encryption to ensure utmost privacy and security.
  • Statutory reports with e-submission
    SQL Payroll software contains all necessary statutory report forms like EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A, PCB Income Tax CP39, and EIS Lampiran 1.
  • Bank Giro electronic payment - more than 25 Malaysia banks
    Make salary payments via electronic submissions. More than 25 Malaysia banks including Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, Cimb bank, public bank can be used to perform bank giro on SQL Payroll Malaysia software.
  • Pending payroll transactions
    Enter overtime, claims, allowances, bonus, leaves, tax benefits, and other deductions in advance and incorporate it later on into the final payroll for that particular month.
  • Unlimited month end process
    Process multiple month ends by groups. You can process separate month end for different groups of employees. Eg, you can process the salaries for the sales group on the 25th of every month and the other groups on the end of every month.
  • Form EA and Borang E CP8D
    Generate employee forms EA and employer form E and also perform e-submission with SQL Payroll software.
  • Comprehensive management report
    Our wide variety of customizable reports and payslips allow you to create the ideal report that truly represents your corporate identity and business nature.
  • Provide any report you need
    SQL Payroll software provides payslips, payroll summary, credit bank report, cheque listing, contribution info listing, and HRDF report.We also provide government reports like: EPF Borang A, Socso Borang 8A, Socso Borang 2, Socso Borang 3, EIS Lampiran 1, EIS Borang 1, EIS Borang 2, Income Tax CP 39, Income Tax CP 39 A, CP 22, CP 22 A, CP 8, CP 159, e-Data Praisi, Lampiran B (PCB Audit), Zakat Borang Skim Berkat, PCB 2, CP 8D (Borang E). 

Leave management

  • Unlimited leave type
    SQL Payroll HR software lets you manage multiple leave types for your employees. Including annual leave, unpaid leave, and medical leave. Create more leave types based on your business needs like compassionate leave, study leave and others.
  • Leave Group entitlement
    By using leave group entitlement. You can set the number of leaves a group of employees are entitled to. You can create a group for managerial group, sales group, and contract worker group.
  • Leave calendar application
    Checking your leave application has never been easier! Effortlessly view your applications using our calendar mode
  • Flexible unpaid leave formula
    SQL Payroll software design with simplified interface, you can set your unpaid leave formula as easy by select the numbers of calendar method (labour law compliance) as well as by custom days setting example 26 days.

     Set your own unpaid leave formulas by selecting the day of unpaid leave taken on the calendar (compliant with labour law) and the customizable number of days.

  • Annual Leave brought forward
    Annual leave can be brought forward to the next year. All you have to do is set the maximum number of days and the system.
SQL E Leave 
  • Employee dashboard
    Apply your leave with SQL E Leave mobile app anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the freedom of checking your leave status on your mobile and receive notification alert when your leave has been approved.
  • View unlimited month payslip info in your app
    View your past payslips from an unlimited number of months on the e-leave app. you can check your salary details like wages, allowance, deduction, epf, socso and many more.
  • Unlimited years form EA record
    Have unlimited access when referring to your past records of EA forms for a seamless and smooth process of e-filing on LHDN.
  • Manager Dashboard
    Check leave pending approval, apply leave on behalf of your employees, and check daily attendance all on your mobile phone! Leave application and leave balance repots can also be generated.
Clock In Devices
  • Direct Import to Payroll

    Link your device to SQL Payroll and import data automatically every day.

  • Thumbprint Device

    If you prefer classic way to mark your attendance.

  • Face Recognision Device

    Faster and simpler way to sign in for work. Show your face (even with a face mask on) and it can recognize you within less than 0.5 seconds.


Other useful features

  • Adhoc process
  • Comprehensive HR software package
  • SQL View – limit access to payroll process
  • Loan
  • Income Tax calculator
  • Data import
  • Unlimited year records
  • Frequency process
  • All government report ready
  • Mykad reading
  • Time management system

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