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SQL Cloud is an online accounting software accessible anytime, increase productivity at anywhere. 100% database ownership, unlimited invoices, unlimited storage size.

With SQL, experience the power of “SQL Hybrid Cloud”, a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) that elevates your financial management. This hybrid solution ensures uninterrupted business operations, allowing users to access SQL Accounting via web browsers or installed software applications on their computers, even without internet access.

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Our Most On Demand Customisations


Salesman Commission

Creating an impactful commission structure is essential for your company’s success. As an employer, how you compensate your sales team significantly impacts profitability, sales margins, and talent retention. Customize commission calculations effortlessly with SQL Account’s intuitive features in Malaysia, considering factors like invoice issuance or payment receipt dates. Delve deeper into customization by accounting for invoice aging and payment processing timelines. Establish commission release criteria based on partial or full payment collection, and set commission rates based on item profit margins or specific item groups. Elevate your commission structure with SQL Account in Malaysia for tailored success.


Operation Customisation

In operational customization, the goal is to enhance existing software processes by adding specific functionalities. Industries such as glass and window businesses, cargo and freight, and manufacturing can particularly benefit from these customizations. They typically involve mathematical calculations, introducing new formulas, and automating processes within the system’s existing framework. For instance, an operational customization could involve configuring a formula to calculate the total sales amount of an invoice based on the dimensions (length x height x width) of metal sheets. This level of customization extends to improving worker proactiveness by calculating commission rates based on collection period, sales volume, or item types. Implementing operational customizations not only enhances productivity but also improves efficiency at a minimal cost. Elevate your operational processes with tailored solutions that align with your industry’s unique requirements.


Preventive Customisation

Preventive customization focuses on maintaining and safeguarding the current system flow in Malaysia. These customizations add an extra layer of protection to prevent potential misuse of the software by users. Alerts and system notifications can be implemented to promptly notify users if they underprice an invoice or select incorrect products for delivery. This not only minimizes human error but also ensures client satisfaction by upholding accuracy in operations. Elevate your system’s integrity with preventive customizations for a seamless and error-free user experience.


6 Key Factors in Selecting
Cloud Accounting Software for Your Business


Payment & Data Ownership

Many cloud software subscriptions allow flexible termination, but the crucial question is: Do you retain full data ownership once the subscription ends? With SQL Hybrid Cloud, the answer is a resounding yes. Even after terminating the cloud service, you regain full access to your database. Simply restore it to your local SQL software and resume operations seamlessly. SQL accounting software stands out as the sole cloud software provider in Malaysia offering a one-time payment fee and ensuring 100% data ownership for subscribers. Experience the unique advantage of SQL Hybrid Cloud Accounting Software.


Access It Anytime, Anywhere 

Enjoy seamless work flexibility with full data access, whether working from home or the office. Our synchronized and up-to-date data ensures location independence for users. However, it’s important to note that internet access is required for this service. In contrast, SQL Hybrid Cloud software offers a unique advantage—users can still access data even without internet access.


Unlimited Transaction,
Unlimited Storage,
Unlimited Processing Power,
No Extra Charge

When choosing a cloud accounting software, beware of hidden costs for increasing storage or transaction limits. With SQL Cloud Accounting Software in Malaysia, there’s no need to worry about limits – enjoy unlimited database size. Key in unlimited invoices, payment vouchers, receipts, and store countless years of past transactions at no additional cost.

Unlock comprehensive reporting with SQL Cloud Accounting, featuring Stock month-end calculations, annual and monthly Profit and Loss comparisons, and annual sales analysis. Experience rapid processing power and enjoy unlimited business reports—all included with SQL Cloud Accounting Software.


Highly Customizable To Suit Your Unique Workflow

SQL Cloud is the only global accounting software offering both cloud benefits and unmatched customizability. Tailor SQL Cloud to seamlessly align with your unique business processes.

SQL Account stands out as the premier accounting software suitable for diverse industries, including trading, construction, forwarding, accounting, manufacturing, and more—over 100 industries globally.

As businesses expand, automation becomes crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Consult with our SQL experts to align your business operation logic with the existing SQL accounting software process. Our customizable solutions extend to preventive control aspects, eliminating errors and enhancing company productivity and efficiency. With SQL Cloud, a customizable cloud accounting software, you can also ensure compliance with specific industry regulations.


Cloud Subscription

For startups, SQL offers a monthly subscription cloud service, catering to those who prefer not to opt for a one-time payment hybrid cloud software. The key distinction is that in the monthly cloud subscription, the database must be fully online and requires internet connectivity.

As your business expands, transitioning to SQL Hybrid Cloud is seamless, ensuring no data loss. SQL accounting software provides flexibility, allowing businesses to choose between a local desktop, public cloud, or hosting a private cloud on-premise. This flexibility extends to moving your application effortlessly between a local desktop, public cloud, or private cloud, with no user lock-in control.


Receive Quality Localized
Support & Onsite Training

In selecting the ideal online accounting software, having proper support for a smooth transition is paramount. SQL offers a local support team ready to assist via phone, email, remote control, and beginner user training. Our support team comprises highly trained and experienced consultants.

Additionally, My Software Solutions provides valuable FREE online resources, materials on our website, and on YouTube


Benefits For Both
Public & Private SQL Accounting Cloud


SQL Public Cloud

NNo IT maintenance required

NNo need to purchase new hardware

NNo need to configure any network

NEnsured data security

NMonthly subscription fees


SQL Private Cloud

NHost your own cloud in your premise with only 1 time payment

NNo monthly fee

NYou can have a hybrid use of SQL Accounting. You can use on the web browser when you are not in the office, or local installation can be use without any internet access


Plans & Pricing For Public SQL Accounting Cloud in Malaysia

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