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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, SQL MRP Software stands out as the premier Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) solution. Our comprehensive system is crafted to centralize, integrate, and process data, enhancing decision-making in purchase planning, inventory management, and cost control. Gain real-time insights into production efficiency, streamline cost calculations, identify variances, and manage work in progress seamlessly. Customize job sheets effortlessly to ensure project specifications align perfectly. Choose SQL MRP Software for unique and efficient project management, empowering businesses to stay ahead of the competition and maximize efficiency with cutting-edge technology.

Best production/manufacturing reports

Reports Locked
In System

NBOM Trees

NBOM Material Usage

NBOM Planner

NBOM Assembly Detail Listing

NOutstanding Job Order Listing with materials shortage summary

NBOM Wastage

NWork in Progress Report

NStock Assembly-JO vs AS Variance

Production/manufacturing Functionality


NBill of Materials

NJob Order + Stock Reorder Advice (for material resource planning)

NAssembly / Disassembly


Recipes Master

The Bill of Materials (BOM) serves as a detailed inventory outlining the raw materials, parts, components, or sub-assemblies essential for product manufacturing or assembly. Easily recall recipes to generate Job Orders and plan material availability on a daily or weekly basis. Conduct a thorough comparison between standard and actual figures for cost and quantity delivered, generating a variance report to assist Quality Control in making informed decisions.


Product Costing

Access manufacturing costs effortlessly with the SQL Production package through the Bill of Materials (BOM). Obtain actual material costs directly from the Purchase Goods Received module. Additionally, the landing cost can be integrated into the BOM as part of the materials purchase cost. Detailed cost reports are logged for assembly items, and users can define various cost types such as labor, machine, and overhead costs within the BOM.


Traceability by
Batch Production

Minimize the time spent tracing defective manufactured items returned by customers – from delivery order to production assembly. Streamline the process of retrieving production information, including materials usage and machine details. With the batch module add-on, effortlessly record manufacture dates and expiry dates for barcode label printing, enhancing efficiency throughout the production cycle.

Production Materials Planning

The SQL Production module is the best choice for materials consumption planning, as it providing features including conversion from a customer’s PO directly into a Job Order with calculations of total raw material requirements. SQL raw material reorder advice based on, on hand materials, plus counting in Purchase Orders in transit and Job Orders in progress for each material stock to assist in purchase planning, with quick generation of PO based on the reorder level quantity. It also ensures that materials are delivered on time, allowing for accurate and timely production (JIT Just In Time). This helps to maximise efficiency in the production process, as well as high level customer satisfaction.

Work in Progress Control

SQL Production offers a comprehensive solution for report generation and work-in-progress control. Businesses can effectively monitor materials within the production area, facilitating identification, tracking, and adjustment of the value of work-in-progress stock. Leveraging SQL reports provides companies with a clearer financial picture, enabling more efficient resource allocation.


Benefits Of Using SQL Production MRP

Plan Your Inventory and Materials Effectively, Minimize the risk of material shortage

Proper management of production facilities is key to ensure customer satisfaction and maximizing ROI. To guarantee both, a reliable software for managing the production process is essential. SQL is one of the best production software available that allows you to have efficient orders placements based on the production plan and provides uninterrupted materials supply to the machines running 24 hours a day which meets customers’ expectations of delivery.

Optimizing Material Allocations for Better Financial Planning

Using SQL software is a great way to optimize material allocations and reduce overhead costs while improving overall planning capacity. SQL helps businesses calculate the cost of raw materials that are needed to fulfill customer orders. Through accurate estimations and efficient allocations, businesses can more effectively manage their budgets, anticipate needs for production capacity, and plan ahead for the future.

Establish a Solid Material Loss Prevention (Reduce unforeseen material losses)

The most effective way for a business to boost their production processes and prevent material loss is to invest in high-quality software. SQL is a great choice because of its efficient real-time stock data tracking and analysis capabilities. With SQL MRP software, businesses can identify areas of wastage, overstocked items and expiring materials quickly, ensuring maximum production output without any costly losses.

Go Above & Beyond Customer Expectation (Customer Satisfaction)

SQL Material Resource Planning (MRP) software is a critical tool for manufacturing companies. It helps your business keep customers satisfied by enabling accurate, timely delivery of quality goods in expected quantities. By implementing the Best MRP software, you can ensure the long-term success and loyalty of your customers.

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