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Genius Pos System is No.1 ipad pos system in Malaysia. Our Mission is help the restauranteur simplifying the restaurant operation. Powerful feature. User friendly. Affordable. Stable. Simple.


Features Beyond Ipad Pos System

Powerful Features

user friendliness


High Stability

Simple & Easy to use

Employee Management

There is a guide mode and training mode in Genius Pos System. The employee can follow the step by step guideline in guide mode. The training mode allow the employee demo before started to work. Monitor the performance of each employee and compensate accordingly. Allow the employee clock in and clock out by the ipad Pos System.

Table Management

Easy to edit the layout of dining table in the restaurant. The restauranteur free to add/edit/remove/resize the table based on the actual layout.

Customer Relationship Management

Get the customer become member for point collection. Analyze the favorite order of the customer. Customize the promotion for different customer. Remind the customer for new menu launching.

Time Based Menu

Hourly and daily menu setting for restauranteur to run the dinner set or lunch set for customer. Certain special foods and drinks in particular times for customers, come out in what time. Genius POS System also provides the feature of menu setting today special for their customers.

Report Generator

This function able to help restauranteur analyze top selling item, and which items have high margin profit. And also record the daily transaction history, restauranteur can select to authorize which user log in file and view the report.

Cloud Real Time Reporting

Generate the daily sales data and compute the summary report with the function of sales comparison of each day or months. The report will send to Cloud system and each branch will receive the report at the same time.

Inventory Management

Auto reminder function manage the quantity of inventory to determine when and how often to reoder.

Multiple Payment Method

More than traditional payment method likes cash and credit card. Genius Pos System allows your customers to make payment in voucher, Wechat Pay, Alipay and etc. The customers also able to split a payment in a case customer want to spread their payment across a few vouchers and cash.

Tax System

Flexible setting on tax and service charge. The restauranteur can choose inclusive or exclusive.

User Friendly Setting

The setting and program design is easy to use. Icon is big and clear compare to other brand. Font is clear. All icons in menu setting are adjustable based on user preferences. The overall layout of program is easy to find and use. More than 200 settings that suitable for all range of F&B Businesses.

Online QR Ordering

Online ordering is the latest function in our ipad Genius POS System which you can grow your brand’s online exposure and helps reduce your business’s backend workload greatly. Customer can order easily through online menu by scanning the QR code on the table and add remarks based on their preference on the selected item from the menu. For business owner, need to make important changes to your menu? Do it in minutes with our tried and tested user flow. And what is the best part? It helps to reduce major labour costs of your business.

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