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SQL Inventory Software, useful application for you to get current stock records of your warehouse and synchronize it with SQL Accounting software. Get the latest stock quantities, stock prices, and perform stock adjustments all in one app!


Stock Take

Perform stock take easily with your mobile phone, scan the products barcode or type the search bar to adjust the particular stock item. SQL Stock Take increases flexibility and mobility. No more print out a stock take sheet to manually update the stock quantities. With SQL Stock Take app, stock take can be easily done mobile app.


Price Checker

Scan a barcode or type in the search bar to find an item’s price.

The price checker feature makes it easier for sales agents who are not in the office to check the unit price of each stock item.

This will make it easier for sales agents to verify their selling price and avoid selling the items at a loss.


Picking List

Verify the types of items, the exact quantities of each item as well as the shelf, location and batch of the items with this picking list.

This helps you to keep better track of all the quantities of stock and avoid mistake during the delivery of items.

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Experience the efficiency of seamless data handling and precision in inventory control. Our SQL Inventory software empowers you to effortlessly track, manage, and analyze your stock levels.

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